The Opposite Of

Shame Is PRIDE!



Vince Pellegrino, professionally as “Dr. Vince”, is an Speaker, Educator, Radio Host, and Motivational Speaker

“I am a speaker/educator and I hope to facilitate seminars and workshops at educational facilities throughout the country either in person or through media on the topic of "gay shame." Specifically, I wish to speak to young people on the topics of
depression, the LGBTQ community, shame in all its forms including "fat shaming" and most importantly, on teen suicide. I personally view "gay pride to be the polar opposite to gay shame" and seek to increase within the youth of this country increased feelings of pride to offset any negative feelings of shame or low self worth.“

Talk It Out:

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Talk It Out With Dr. Vince


This radio show explores topics important to the GLBT community and their friends with amazing guests and relevant topics that connect with everyone.

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Talk It OUT:

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Talk It OUT on CBS

Talk It OUT on CBS

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