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Meet Dr Vince.

Author, Speaker, Educator, and Radio Personality

Vince Pellegrino, professionally as “Dr. Vince”, is an author, speaker, educator, actor, video and radio personality. Dr. Vince is best known for his radio show on LGBTQ issues called “Talk It Out with Dr. Vince”. Dr. Vince is also the author of the video documentary, “TALK IT OUT: An LGBTQ Documentary” (Featured at My True Colors Festival) ) and the book, “Talk it OUT: No More Game Shame”. Dr. Vince works as a therapist primarily within the LGBTQ community to reduce the many forms of shame to combat hate and
prejudice. He has partnered with organizations on LBGTQ issues and Cyber-Bullying including The Tyler Clementi Foundation.

Dr. Vince holds two doctoral degrees in Educational Theatre and Drama Therapy
from New York University. He is Assistant Professor in Speech Communication
and Rhetorical Studies on the faculty at Hofstra University, NYC. Dr. Vince maintains a therapeutic practice in stress reduction and drama therapy where he conducts individual, couples, and group therapy sessions in New York City and Connecticut.

Dr. Vince is a full member of the Screen Actors Guild known for his film roles in
Dog Day Afternoon with Al Pacino, Analyze This, and 9 & ½ Weeks. Dr. Vince is available as an expert for speaking engagements, classes, workshops, and interviews.

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