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Talk it OUT:

No More Gay Shame

Talk it OUT: No More Gay Shame" contains more than twenty in-depth interviews of some twenty gay men and women on the subject of "Gay Shame" and its effect on the gay community as exemplified by these candid subjects; the topic of gay male communication and its complex dynamics are also examined in this 350 page volume of work. 



“Hello, Are You GSI (Gay, Single and Interested)?”

How exactly can you break through the wall of gay men who seem to be more focused on their text or email messages on their iPhones then to look up and notice people around them?

Up All Night to Get Lucky: Sexy or Obsessive?

For me, hearing Daft Punk and Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” on the radio almost every day, and even hearing it from the Russian Military Police at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, recalls how so many of us gays “cruise” all night trying to “get lucky.”

Men of a Certain Age Dating in the New Age

Dating in today’s technology craze is simply not as easy as one would think. Today’s gay culture embraces a social order where everyone has their faces glued to their cell phone or, what I call “dumb phones.” Dumb, because it renders the art of face to face interaction as less desirable, unless of course, the face to face interaction is in the bedroom.

Full Press Kit

Dr. Vince has been featured on several TV, Radio and Speak Engagements, download the full press kit here:

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